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PicoSure® provides unprecedented innovation in laser technology. Now available with the Boost™ upgrade.

Why choose PicoLaser Dermatology?

If you are choosing to remove a tattoo you don't want to replace it with a scar. The following questions should be asked when choosing a laser practitioner. PicoLaser Dermatology can answer YES to all the following important questions.

  • Is the clinic supervised by a Registered Medical Practitioner?
  • Will the treatment be administered by a experienced Doctor or Registered Nurse?
  • Is the equipment being used a Picosecond Laser registered by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration?
  • Can the clinic offer injectable local anaesthesia? (anaesthetic cream is not as effective)
  • Are you being given a realistic idea of the number of treatments you will require?
  • Does the centre have malpractice insurance to cover medical costs in the case of misadventure?
  • In the rare event of scarring, slow healing, infection or allergic reactions, can the clinic provide ongoing treatment?

Got a Question for Us?

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