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PicoSure® is demonstrably better in the removal of green and purple ink.

Before & After Gallery

Tattoo Removal Gallery

Before & After Gallery

Melbourne dermatology clinic Laser Dermatology is proud of having 21 years experience in laser tattoo removal and modification. The results achieved since the early days of the old Medlite™ tattoo removal laser to the 21st century Medlite C6™ laser, Cynosure HT10™ laser and the Synon™ ruby laser are impressive. The photos shown on this tattoo removal gallery are of our patients and our tattoo removal laser treatments. There has been no "Photoshopping" or manipulation. The original photos, and many more, are available to view at the initial consultation.

Complete removal

This tattoo was responding well to the RevLite Q-switched YAG until the green ink was unmasked. But thanks to the new PicoSure™ laser we were able to remove all traces of the tattoo!

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Anchors away!

This patient was saved by the PicoSure™. We used the Revlite SI 532nm on the red ink, of course. It stalled after 4 treatments, however a further 5 treatments with the Picosure resulted in complete clearance.


The clearance is so complete we had to highlight the mole on this arm to convince you it is the same person! Simple Revlite SI did the trick!

Exciting results with our new PicoSure™ Laser

For the last 21 years complete removal of this green gecko would have been impossible. Now, after only 2 treatments at 8 weekly intervals, PicoSure™ on the green ink and 532nm QSYag on the orange, this little guy will be gone in under 6 months!

Removal of black and shadow tattoo

An excellent result from treatment with the Medlite™ tattoo removal laser at the infrared wavelength. This was achieved in only six laser treatments at six weekly intervals.

Black dragon

Black is the easiest colour of tattoo ink to remove, and the grey wash shadowing responds particularly well to the infrared wavelength of the Medlite™ Q-Switched YAG tattoo removal laser.

A challenging removal of difficult colours

This beautiful "bird of paradise" was created with every colour of tattoo ink imaginable. Despite our initial concerns about the greens and blues, the patience and persistence paid off and the tattoo responded beautifully to laser removal treatment with the Medlite™ Q-Switched YAG laser, the Cynosure HT10™ Alexandrite laser and the Sinon™ Ruby laser. The post laser treatment redness and loss of pigment has normalised since this photo was taken.

Starting all over again

Scott is a professional tattooist who was unhappy with some earlier work on his arm. Knowing that "over tattooing" was almost always unsatifactory he came to Laser Dermatology to have treatment to fade his tatts. Both Scott and the staff at Laser Dermatology were surprised and happy that after only 3 treatments his arm was virtually a blank canvas, ready for more art work.

Lion or tiger?

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, a tattoo just doesn't work out. Not sure whether this wild cat was a lion or tiger, the best solution was to start again after successful tattoo removal laser treatment. The two wavelengths of the Medlite C6™ Q-switched YAG laser were used to achieve an excellent result with the black, red and yellow of this tattoo.

Experience with different skin types is essential

This black eagle seemed to be a straight forward tattoo removal. Unfortunately, the not uncommon side effect of hyperpigmentation developed as a result of laser tattoo removal treatment on an individual with darker skin. Melbourne tattoo removal expert clinic Laser Dermatology has the experience and understanding of these side effects of laser tattoo removal treatment and were able reassure the patient that the darkening of the skin would fade as would the tattoo. The outcome was excellent.

Black tattoo with hidden colours

As is often the case, some tattoo ink colours may mask other colours in the tattoo. This was the case with this celtic cross tattoo which uncovered red and yellow tattoo inks. Fortunately the 532 wavelength of the Medlite C6™ tattoo removal laser was able to remove these inks. One more laser treatment was required to remove the small amount of residual ink.

Successful tattoo modification

This person presented with an ornate and very colourful tattoo which he essentially liked but felt that was too large. Knowing that blue and aqua tattoo inks can be difficult to remove, he opted for laser tattoo removal treatment of the entire outline, leaving only the fish. The dual wavelengths of the Q-Switched YAG laser were used to remove the black, red and yellow inks. Once he was happy with the smaller tattoo, he returned to his tattooist to have the outlines redrawn.

Different problem, same laser

Sunburn freckles and other benign pigmented lesions respond to the laser which is used for tattoo removal. The Medlite™ laser was used to achieve this excellent result. Laser Dermatology uses both the Medlite™ Q-Switched YAG laser and the Sinon™ Ruby laser to remove brown spots caused by ageing, sun damage and brown birthmarks.

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